Paths of sense because ...

There is perhaps a line of presumption to guide this space of reflection: that of talking about "big themes" and "big ones because". And there is an underlying energy that is the one who has perhaps come to a point in life where it becomes important to pull the ranks of the thousands of paths done, following that intimate conviction that suggests that everything is connected, everything makes sense .
This is why, unexpectedly, for us is born a site that wants to be a point of encounter of seemingly distant arguments, a "complex system" aimed at further complexity, an opportunity to connect uncertain and uncertain knowledge, insights and unanswered questions in the final intent, Certainly also ambitious, to sketch a map of the territory where we are walking.
We do not expect great discoveries, in the weaving of this web of connecting paths, if not those of stumbling from time to time into pieces of us, left there who knows how and by whom. And we would like this to motivate us to continue exploring, risking blind alleys and drunken paths, discouragement and disorientation of all sorts. The ultimate desire is to drive away the fear, in the reassuring certainty, the only one we have to have, that any path is circular: it will never fall below and sooner or later will come back where it has departed.

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